Can it be applied to other parts or sections of the car other than the car body ?
Yes, except window glass and rubber parts, Fenix Scratch Guard can be applied to any exterior parts
that are pained, chrome plated, or carbon-made.
Can only one sheet of Fenix Scratch Guard be enough to apply to bumpers, bonnet, and wheels ?
Fenix Scratch Guard is not a sheet-film type but a spray-on type of protection film and we don't count it physically like one piece.. two pieces...three pieces. Thanks to the nature of the spray-on film, the product can be applied to complex areas or hard-to-reach intricate sections of the car where the sheet-film type products can't reach or go into. Not only that, our product is "seamless" unlike the sheet-film types,
What's particularly good about this product compared to other similar ones ?
Fenix Scratch Guard is a spray-on type of protection film. When you apply it to the car, you can choose the application thickness from 150 microns to 200 microns or even thicker. Thanks to the nature of spray-on type film, there will be a seamless finish. Unlike other conventional sheet type protection films and peel-off painting products, you can polish the surface of Fenix Scratch Guard to remove scratches if that are not too deep. Once it's applied to the car, it can last a long time with its high quality and performance. In addition to the expected protection capability, it can also give a superb gloss and feel that look like that of a new car. Since it can be applied with the thickness of 150 microns or more, it can achieve "mirror-surface like finish" if there's such a special order from customers.
Can discoloration or color fading occur to this protection film ?
Fenix Scratch Guard satisfies and complies with world-class standards and criteria for car paint quality and performance, and it is certified by those paint inspection organizations. It means that Fenix Scratch Guard has the same level of weather resistance that other regular car paints have.
Can I apply it to cars myself ?
The application of this product requires special skills, technique, professional tools (spray guns, etc.) , and air-tight spray facilities, that are certified by Fenix Japan. So, it means that only the authorized proshops can apply it. Those authorized pro shops has acquired the Fenix Scratch Guard technical certificate from us (Fenix Japan) after completing our technical trainings.
What's the warranty period ?
If the customer takes our regular once-every-6-month inspection without missing any, the warranty period is 3 years after application. The life expectancy(durability) of Fenix Scratch guard is 5 years.
Will the sections where Fenix Scratch Guard are applied become conspicuous in appearance ?
Fenix Scratch Guard is a spray-on protection film and it means that this film can go into and reach intricate hard-to-penetrate small sections of car parts and can protect those parts. Fenix Scratch Guard is so extremely clear and transparent in appearance that most of us can't distinguish if the car is really coated with it. This is actually one of the biggest advantages of our Fenix Scratch Guard as opposed to other sheet-film types of products.
Can stone chips give scratches to the body surface coated with Fenix Scratch Guard ?
If a stone hit the car, what will happen ?
Even if stone chips hits the car, the car body coated with Fenix Scratch Guard will usually show no scratches in most cases. However, if a part of Fenix Scratch Guard coating is chipped off due to a much stronger impact of stone chips, the chipped-off portion can be properly repaired and restored by a technical expert of our certified popshops. Please contact our certified professional shop near you.
If a body repair becomes necessary because of car-accident damages, can Fenix Scratch Guard be applied again after the repair ?
Yes, Fenix Scratch Guard can be applied again to the car again by our certified experts.
Please contact our certified professional shop near you.
If I wash my car, will Fenix Scratch Guard peel off ?
No, it will not peel off unless otherwise the washing method is too extremely powerful.
Please avoid using pressure washing machines or pressure-washing car wash shops.
Can I apply wax or glass coating on top of Fenix Scratch Guard ??
On top of our product named "Fenix CLEAR PROTECTION" (clear type) , you can add a type of coating that includes regular wax-polish processes, but please avoid using a strong solvent type of such wax coatings. On top of another product of ours named "Fenix MATTE PROTECTION" (matte type) , you can use matte-paint wax, and add coating that doesn't include polishing processes. And to this matte type also, avoid using a strong solvent type of wax coatings. (We recommend the use of matte-paint coating ) Please avoid polishing it because the polishing will shave off matte from Fenix MATTE PROTECTION and as a result the gloss can be lost. For detail, please contact our certified professional shop near you.
How much will it cost to apply Fenix Scratch Guard to my car ?
It depends on type of the car you have, what particular parts or sections of the car you'd like us to apply coating.
For detail, please contact our certified professional shop near you.