Fenix ScratchGuard

Ferrari612 Scaglietti Fenixクリアペイントプロテクションフィルム施工事例

 Ferrari612 Scaglietti fenixクリアペイントプロテクションフィルム施工が完成致しました。

New Episode


Fenix Scratch Guardプロテクションフィルム施工が完成致しましたのでご紹介致します。

This time we are going to introduce you the car which is applied Fenix Scratch Guard, the ultimate protection film for Bonnet, front bumper, front fender and headlight. it protects your assets from rock chips and scratches.

Fenix Scratch Guard(フェニックス スクラッチガード)は塗装のプロフェッショナルの職人がスプレーで塗装する塗るタイプの剥がすこ事ができるペイントプロテクションフィルムです。

Fenix Protection Film is spray type that can be applied by only professionals. It can be peeled off easily later.


Due to its spray feature, it can be applied to very hard and awkward shaped parts such as connection points between bumper and fender or fender and bonnet, easily and beautifully. Without a  doubt this is the only one protection film that can provide smooth and fine finish in the world.


This English product that features special 3 layer structured liquid film to realize more than 200micron thickness (4 times thicker than a new car) on your car, can be last ib long term.


Spray type protection film and Spray type wrapping can be done in most exciting and unbelievably beautifull way.


There will be no risk of peel off. Because this film is sticked to the paint body very hard due to its Fenix Nano Primer.


Fenix series films are not using any type of glues that may can harness your body after applied.


Generally all cars paint layer is 100 micron, but only 40 micron is clear coat.

Fenix Scratch Guardはスプレーで約15回塗って~乾燥させてを繰り返し行い、膜厚を付けていき


Fenix Scratch Guard is applied 15 times by spraying to make thin but strong layers over and over.


So in the end car maker’s original clear coat can become 5 times thick, 150~200micron, while maintaining shinyness.


Also, it will protect you from rock chips, snow plow or the scratches from the baggages while putting in or putting out from the trunk.




Fenix Series will also have self sealing effect which can be differ from any other brands from all all brands all around the world. If you apply some heat on the film it will heal by itself. Even after you got hard scratches on the film, you can polish it off easily. When you can polish you also can apply nano coatings on the film which can double the effect to maintain longer and beautifull condition. You do not have to peel it off.